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Day One Hundred Eighty-Seven (Aka: Don't Look At My Location)
Dilbert - enter my world
Did small jobs for most of the day. Spent the morning helping to collect our department's issued clothing/other items (mops, brooms, and irons/boards for the cadets' living spaces, plus other stuff), then did things like making bunk/locker labels for my cadets and helping out other people in our department with some of their jobs in the afternoon. Once I finished that, I had to iron my uniform to get it ready for the evening - in-routine duty time.

I spent 3.5 hours helping to check cadets' hair for lice (none found, thankfully), then had to do Sail table duty (aka: helping to process the incoming Sail cadets) for a half hour. The shift was meant to be longer, but all our cadets showed up and got through relatively quickly. Regardless, it was still after 10 when I finished.

Then I made sure to put my name down on the Staff Band sign-up list. :D I love playing for it when I can.

At least tomorrow is Sunday - aka: SLEEP-IN DAY! Score.


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