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I Am Clever


A Fine Line - Between Chaos and Creation

Everybody seems to think I'm lazy; I don't mind, I think they're crazy...

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Day One Hundred Seventy-One (Aka: Surgery)
Dilbert - enter my world
So you may recall how back in this entry I mentioned that I was having surgery.

That was earlier today, and it was a rather long day.

I had to be there at 12, but was there by 11:45 (my dad drove me there a bit early). After getting my initial IV/having initial general questions about myself, I wasn't seen until after 2:30. Thankfully I had my phone with a nearly-full battery, a data connection, and non-busy friends to keep me company during that wait. (Thanks, btw, if any of you read this. You know who you are.)

After that, I went basically straight to the OR, where I was put under. (FYI: Being given the anaesthetic was almost the worst part of the whole thing. It made my IV entry point/arm burn. :S)

10 minutes and 3 stitches later (or so), I wake up in the Recovery Room, where a super nice nurse explains some breathing exercises I need to do/things I can't do while I'm all bandaged up. I totally lose track of time, and before I know it, it's 4PM(ish, I think. My perception of time during my stay there was very skewed).

I'm now moved to the Surgical Daycare room (where I started). I rest some more in there, and eventually get to try standing up. It goes well, but the anaesthetic combined with my super empty stomach (you can't eat anything after midnight the night before the surgery, and you can't drink anything after 4 hours before), is making me nauseous, so all movement is basically not helping anything. I'm also wanting to pass out and just sleep about every other minute, so there's that.

After a while, I think I'm getting better - my stomach is settling, and I've had preventative nausea meds. So I get changed, then go to dump my robe/socks/etc into the linen hamper at the end of the room. Short story - bad idea. I then need more anti-nausea meds and to lie down again to attempt to settle my (now REALLY)empty stomach.

More time passes. I finally end up getting out at 6:10 after receiving more instructions for home care/etc, and because moving around still doesn't agree with me, I have to ride a wheelchair to the car. The car ride doesn't help my stomach, and then I need to wait while Mom grabs me some Gravol/other groceries before we're home.

Once we're home, I go and alternately lie down and make offerings to the porcelain shrine. At some point, I know I have to eat, because that's what's causing this vicious cycle - lack of food in my stomach combined with the residuals of the meds. However, the very thought of food is making me feel worse. Occasionally, there's a narrow window where I feel like I could eat, and finally I seize it and get some crackers and broth. Eventually, I also get some toast, and finally, here I am now.

The pain meds have kind of worn off, so I'm a bit achy, plus I have a freaking huge bandage/dressing now covering half of my chest (I'd show you a picture of my huge bandage, but again...keeping it SFW). Seriously. Thankfully, though, I'm no longer sick, but I'm just tired. I'm also not allowed to drive or operate any power tools until tomorrow. I guess my big Lumberjack RPG will have to wait, then. :(

See you all tomorrow sometime. :)