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Day One Hundred Sixty-Six (Aka: Ask Me Anything)
Ready To Be Trolled
I've decided that July will be my truth month.

You, the people that read this blog, will have the chance to ask me anything. Whether it's simple/straightforward or convoluted/ridiculous, nothing is out of bounds. I'm looking to get 31 questions - one for each day of the month.

So the way I'd like you to do this is either comment on this entry, or on the Facebook link to this entry, or message me (here or on FB) the questions you'd like me to answer. If you want to remain anonymous, I have anon comments enabled, so commenting on here would be your best bet.

Let's do this. I'm opening up for questions now to hopefully get them all stockpiled before July, but if I don't have enough by then, I'll continue to take questions until I have 31. If I don't end up getting 31 (which hopefully doesn't happen), then I'll answer what I've gotten, then go back to business as usual.

Ask me anything!


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