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Day One Hundred Sixty-Three (Aka: One Step Closer)
Bad Pun
Tonight was my corps' last parade night, and now we won't be meeting until September.  Sometime in the fall (if not in the summer), we'll be moving buildings - from Surrey-Whalley area to White Rock.  Hopefully we don't lose a lot of cadets in that move.

Also, I've already found out my position at the corps for next year - Supply Officer for the third year in a row.  I don't mind doing it, actually; I like the job, and I do it well (if I do say so myself).  Plus, this way it makes me feel like taking the SuppO DL course back in January was actually worth it, rather than taking it 5 months before switching to a new position.

Either way, I'm now one step closer to the summer.  Here's what's coming up shortly for me:

1. Banyan with cadets (trip to Tsawwassen waterslide park)
2. S.A.L.T.S. trip (3-day trip on the Pacific Swift)
3. Surgery to remove Lumpy + subsequent post-op appointment a week later
4. Hanging out with as many people as I can before I leave for the summer

See you all tomorrow!


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