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Day One Hundred Fifty-Eight (Aka: Driving Pet Peeves)
I Am Clever

1. Baby On Board signs.

When you put this sign in your car, this tells me that your baby is your number one priority, and that I should drive more safely around you/your vehicle.  All well and good, but what happens when the kids are no longer babies?  Are they less important?  Should I start driving more recklessly around people who don't have that sign?  What about elders - are they not important, either?  For that matter, what about me?  Am I lower down on the safety priority list because I'm not a baby?

Point being:  You have a baby in your vehicle.  Good for you.  Everyone should drive safely around everyone else, though, regardless of a sign in their back window.  No one's life is more important than another.

2. People who zigzag through traffic lanes without indicating.

I don't know about the civilian world, but DND hasn't authorized me to take any mind-reading courses yet, so I have no idea what you're up to unless you indicate.  See that lever beside your steering wheel?  That turns on something called YOUR INDICATOR LIGHTS.  USE THEM.

3. People who leave their indicators on when they're not changing lanes.

Again, I can't read minds.  Turn them off after you make a turn or change lanes.  You're just confusing everyone else, and after everyone has managed to work out that you're not actually doing anything but driving straight, you just look dumb.

4. People who turn out onto the road in front of you (from a side road/parking lot), but don't match the traffic speed.

I swear, these people just hate humanity or something.  Why else would they pull out ahead of oncoming traffic, only to force all the cars behind them to slow to 20kph to avoid a massive accident?

5. People who use bus pullouts/right turn merging lanes as passing lanes.

Doing this just makes you look like a massively impatient douchebag.  Look, I'm sorry that I'm only driving up to 10km above the posted limit.  Maybe we should all match your speed of 65 over in order to expedite your travel time, as your priorities are obviously much more important than everyone else's.

6. People who drive way under the speed limit.

I should not be able to pass you while driving 10km under the posted limit.  Going too slowly is just as much a hazard as speeding.

7. Stereotyping young drivers as being the only people with driving problems.

Granted, a lot of young people do dumb things.  I've seen them.  Hoever, I swear, out of the people I see speeding around and/or using cell phones in their vehicles (NOT hands-free)/not driving safely, a good deal of them are people closer to my parents' age/adults upwards of 35.  Really?  REALLY?  By that age, you should know better.  Otherwise, you're just being super hypocritical to say things about younger drivers being unsafe.

Enjoy my mini-rant, spawned from seing a Baby On Board sign earlier tonight.

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The Baby on Board signs were originally so that if there was an accident, emergency personnel would know to look for an infant. Then they became trademarks of self-important parents who think their kids are more precious than anything else.

And with #7; the worst drivers I usually see are younger guys in their mid-twenties and older men in BMWs/Mercedes/Audis who drive like they own the road.

Totally meant to reply to this sooner. Oops.

In regards to the signage: Huh. I totally didn't know about the origins. The more you know.

In regards to #7: Oddly enough, the majority of bad drivers I see are either guys in their twenties, or women my mother's age peeling rubber in minivans. Hell hath no fury, indeed.

Yeah, it was something that was started with really good intentions but then the yuppies took it over.

I've noticed since I put the charm against demon possession symbol from Supernatural on the back of my car, I don't get tailgated much anymore. I'm up to three people who have crossed themselves when they're behind me. ;)

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