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Day One Hundred Forty-Seven (Aka: The Verdict)
Too Much Info
So for the past several years (I'm pretty sure it goes as far back as my being 15-16, if not more), I've noticed that I had a bit of a lump in a place where I shouldn't have one.  I never thought much of it; used to just think that these things happened.

However, as of September 2011, I got to thinking that it might be more serious than I thought it was.  I immediately started inwardly freaking out and wondering if I had cancer or whether it would become cancer.  Thankfully my mom was a lot more level-headed about the whole thing, and recommended that I go to see a doctor about it.  I did shortly afterward (a walk-in clinic, not our family doctor), and the doctor recommended that I get an ultrasound.  Fair enough.  A week or two later, I got the ultrasound, then never heard back from the doctor about a follow-up re: the ultrasound results.

Fast forward a year and a half to February 2013.  By this point, I'm pretty sure it's either a) moved closer to the surface, b) gotten bigger, or c) both.  It used to be that you could only see it if I pulled the skin tight over top of it; now I barely have to do anything [Ed. note: I'd show you, but I'd like to keep this blog SFW, plus I really would rather not have pictures of my bare chest on the interwebs.  So you'll just have to take my word for it.] So after some prodding, I call up our family doctor for an appointment (second opinions, and all that jazz).  Same deal happens: I see her, she recommends an ultrasound, and I go get that done.

The difference this time is that she makes sure to have me come in for a follow-up.  Turns out I was right; the lump has grown from 2.2cm x 1.?cm to 3cm x 2cm within the time span between ultrasounds.  She tells me that it's probably something called a fibroadenoma, and that it's harmless but a nuisance.  Her recommendation is that I get it removed, and she tells me that someone will contact me about making an appointment with a specialist at the local outpatient centre.

Fast forward a little more to the present day.  I've just come back from 12 days of being away on the Island for officer training (May 19), and just a couple of days later (May 24), I get a call informing me that an appointment has been made for the 27th (this morning).  I manage to make the appointment work around my work, and now I have surgery scheduled for June 20 to remove Lumpy.  The reasoning behind this is that while it's not very likely, there is a small chance that this could be cancerous.

The stats (as given to me by the doctor I spoke to today):

95% of the time, these lumps turn out to be fibroadenomas, and are harmless and non-cancerous.

5% of the time, the lumps turn out to be phyllodes [pronounced filloydees] tumors, and those are cancerous and can cause a lot of problems.

So because they don't want to take the risk of it possibly being cancerous (and I'd rather not, either), I'm getting surgery for it relatively quickly (which is fantastic).  AND I got lucky enough for them to be able to squeeze in my post-op before I leave for the summer.

Here's hoping all goes well for me in the next few weeks.

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*hugs* With such odds, it'll be non-cancerous! You'll be fine!

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