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Day Ninety-Three (Aka: 30 Day Photo Challenge, Day 3)
I Am Clever
Day 03 - A picture of the cast from your favorite show

Doctor Who - I've been a big fan of the show since it rebooted in 2005, although I just started getting into the Classic Who aspect of the show about a year and a half ago.  What with the many different regenerations of the Doctor, and the many different companions (not to mention the villains), I figured this was the best way to encompass the whole show.

cast and crew BBC SH 1
BBC Sherlock - I just got into this last fall.  My dad had introduced me to it a year before, but I was too wrapped up in the Second Doctor's exploits at the time to notice.  Now that I'm into this fandom, though... no regrets.  (Except that S3 won't be until December or January. :( )

My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic - I know I'm not the only person who never expected to get sucked into this show.  I thought I was too bad@$$ for that.  NOPE - turns out watching has just made me even more stupendous, and now I'm eagerly awaiting S4. As with DW, there are far too many characters to fit in one neat picture, so I figured the Mane 6 would do.

The Monkees - I blame my dad for getting me into this show.  He got me a DVD for my 15th birthday with 4 episodes; each Monkees' favourite.  I watched "Hitting the High Seas" and fell in love with the horrible puns and the music.  Promptly bought myself both seasons shortly afterward.

The A-Team - I'm not entirely sure who got me into this show.  I watched the movie back in 2010, not knowing anything about it, and sometime between then and now, my parents bought S1 of the old show, and I've enjoyed it ever since.  Bad-aiming villains and flipping cars, anyone?

Hogan's Heroes - What can I say?  Shows were funnier back in the day.  Another gem to blame my dad for.

Spongebob Squarepants - Now THIS is a show that never gets old, or lame.  Doesn't matter your age, or how tough you think you are.  If Spongebob is on, YOU WATCH THAT FREAKING SHOW.  BECAUSE IT'S HILARIOUS.

Supernatural - I just got into this show a couple of weeks ago, and I gotta say, no regrets whatsoever.  NONE.  This is awesome... and I'm only up to the beginning of S4!  I still have so much more to watch! :D (Again... way too many characters, and I'm still behind, so I opted for a S4-era pic that has the brothers, Bobby, and Castiel.  Because Dean/Sam/Bobby are awesome, both together and on their own, and from what I saw of Castiel from the season 4 opening episode, he looks awesome - so why not include him?)


The Magnificent Seven - Now, here's a funny story.  I've only seen the pilot for this show, and yet, I've still gotten suckered into this fandom.  If I had a way to watch more of it, I totally would, because it seems awesome.

Batman (1966) - Can there be anything better than a super campy Batman series/movie that makes the props/gags super obvious, and where such lines as "Holy _____, Batman!" are socially acceptable?  Because that sure sounds a heck of a lot funnier than any "I'M SUPER EMO BATMAN AND MY PARENTS ARE DEAD SO LET'S JUST BE DARK AND DEPRESSING ALL THE TIME."  I haven't watched too much of this show - maybe 1 full episode?  But I so want to watch more - just to poke fun at it.


....and I'm done.  Enjoy all the photos (courtesy of Google).

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Just don't make the same mistake I did on M7.

I grew up watching Wonder Woman, which had the first 2 seasons set in the 1940s and the last 2 in the 1980s. I thought -- from the fanfic -- that season 1 of M7 was in the Old West and season 2 was in the modern-day ATF.

Turns out the ATF is a fan-created AU....

Some days, you just can't get rid of a bomb!

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