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I Am Clever


A Fine Line - Between Chaos and Creation

Everybody seems to think I'm lazy; I don't mind, I think they're crazy...

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Day Sixty-Seven (Aka: Penticton, Part 2)
So Penticton turned out to be a lot more fun and a lot less painful than I originally thought it would.

Last night, a group of five of us had the ultimate non-drinking/responsible adult party. We sat around in our hotel room (3 of ours'; the other two were visitors) and ate 7-layer dip/chips and Denny's, watched reality TV (Mystery Diners), and made fun of the awkward people on the other side of the hotel (it was a pool-facing room, so we could see the rooms on the other side of the atrium). It was hilarious.

There was a group of awkward teenage guys (x4) having a Forever Alone white guy rave party in their room with a cell phone strobe light. So naturally, we started flicking our lights on and off like a strobe in response. After we had finished, then they started up again, and a minute or two later, their light was on, and they were all heading out into the hall, so we assume that they got in trouble. Huzzah for dickish adulthood.

...then there was the group of 4 weird naked adults doing unspeakable things with each other with their blinds WIDE open (according to other people in our room; I personally didn't see). That was.... wow. Yeah. Awkward.

Then the next day, one of the guys (dressed now, in a shirt saying "Police", no less) was dancing in front of the window and had a big note saying "CALL ME" in the window.

Fantastic. So very very classy.

Therefore, we made a response note saying "Maybe". However, I'm pretty sure he had left the room by that point, so I don't think he saw it.

The note was better than our alternative, though. We joked about putting one up that said "You have a tiny p33n. We know... we saw EVERYTHING. We didn't know they came in that size."

But yeah, that was our after-party. The concerts themselves could've gone better, but meh. Given the circumstances (back to back concerts are never fun), I think things went pretty well. I look forward to coming back in two years. :D

Have some more pictures!