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I Am Clever


A Fine Line - Between Chaos and Creation

Everybody seems to think I'm lazy; I don't mind, I think they're crazy...

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Day Eighteen (Aka: The Excuses/Blame)
Jeffrey Tsk Tsk
...aka: The Many Reasons Smitty Has For Not Having Hit the Deadline a Second Time In Under a Month.

1. We (Mom, myself, and the two Munchkins) went out to IKEA earlier.
a) We had to wait til Mom got home from work (at 4:15ish).
b) We had to wait for her to rest a bit because it was a busy day at work and she was tired.
c) We didn't end up leaving til later/arriving at the store around 7.
d) We left the store at 9.
e) 20-minute drive home.

2. We get home, and I have to do the dishes for the remainder of the 'ungrateful punks' (my dad's words, not mine).
a) In the meantime, Mom is searching for stuff to hang up the wall light she just purchased.
aa) She is also cleaning out her closet to hang up/fill the new organizer she also purchased.
b) I finish the dishes to discover that while sorting some things in her closet, Mom has now gotten the urge to clean/get rid of lots more things in her closet.
c) I hunker down and wait for the clean spree to finish.
d) Time passes.

3. Mother said she would cut my hair.
a) Because it was late (close to 11), I didn't think she'd still do it, but she says she will.
b) (15-20 minutes later) I'm changed, she has her stuff, and we're ready to go.
c) She does a bit of a trim. It's not a lot, so I ask her to cut more off.
d) At this point, I happened to see that the time was 11:25. I'm confident we'll be done on time for me to post about my day. It's just a trim, right? It shouldn't take too long.
e) It does.
f) Mom is still tweaking and snipping at my hair at 11:53 (I asked what the time was), and I'm getting worried.
g) At 12:05, she finally finishes.
h) I have to clean up all the hair bits on the floor.

4. I then immediately zoom off to get on my laptop and post this update.
a) I lie profusely about the time and claim that (according to the time stamp) I posted this while my mother was in the middle of cutting my hair.
b) I blame everyone but myself for having put off posting until so late in the day.


...and this was my day. See you all tomorrow, folks.