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I Am Clever


A Fine Line - Between Chaos and Creation

Everybody seems to think I'm lazy; I don't mind, I think they're crazy...

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Day Eight (Aka: The First Day Back)
Dilbert - enter my world
Well, technically it was the second day back at work today. It was SUPPOSED to be the first day back for Wind Symph, so I was going to write about that. However, the director is apparently sick and unable to fly out of Winnipeg, so practice was cancelled. (Unfortunately, neither Tim [My boyfriend; also plays in the WS] nor I were informed of this until AFTER he had shelled out $5 for parking. :S)

It was good to be back at work, though, and it's not just for the money. :P I really do love my job(s). I mean, I LOVE the job I've managed to get at the bookstore, as I've pretty much always loved books, and I'll love it even more once the store actually opens and I can get some more hours there. But I also enjoy the work I do in the school office.

Some people might consider what I do tedious/boring...and they'd probably be right. What I do is filing/random odd jobs (I'm a temp/on-call worker). So today I put together goody bags, and made up a bunch of nametags/table tags for a staff function happening for the next 3 days. Most other times, though... it's filing. Loads and loads of filing. I'm still working on putting report cards from the end of November away into the student folders (only because it's not a pressing urge, so I keep getting hijacked for other jobs). The process is something like this:

1. Take report cards out from separate teacher folders.
2. Alphabetize report cards in their separate piles, then into one mass pile.
3. Separate pile by drawer (A-C; D-G; etc).
4. Sort through crammed filing drawers for each individual student file, then place report card inside.
5. Repeat until there are no more report cards left.

(All of that takes longer than you might think.)

It's either that, or going through each folder to make sure paperwork is in order/remove old and unnecessary paperwork, or standing by the photocopier scanning every single report card off to the teachers, one by one. It's hours of mindless paperwork, but I actually don't mind that.

It's a great environment, too. The staff I work with are some of the most pleasant people ever. (It also helps that I've known some of these people since I was in high school [principal, grad coordinator, etc], so while I'm the youngest there - though not by much, with some - I don't feel alone at all.)

TL;DR - I love my work. :)

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I got bored and fell asleep halfway through

....you're a douchebag. XD

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