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I Am Clever


A Fine Line - Between Chaos and Creation

Everybody seems to think I'm lazy; I don't mind, I think they're crazy...

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NaBloPoMo 2012 - Day Twenty-Eight
Jeffrey Pout
I'm kinda ticked. Today, there were two large boxes full of my officer uniform parts waiting for me at cadets, and seeing as I'd just given in my measurements two weeks ago, I was kind of excited (wouldn't anyone be?).

I didn't get a chance to look at anything while I was at cadets, as I was way too busy, so as soon as I got home, I dug into them and tried stuff on. And here's where everything went downhill.

Basically, nothing fits. Well, technically, there's one or two items that do, but for the most part, none of the uniform they issued me fits properly.

They gave me 5 white dress shirts, all the same size - I tried one on, and when I did up the top button, it felt like I was being strangled anytime I tried to move.

The [black] pants (and potentially the skirt)- the opposite problem. They're 2-3 inches too long. (I haven't tried the white sets on yet, but there's barely ever an opportunity to wear those, anyway.)

The black uniform dress jacket - fit nicely in the shoulders, but if the marks for where the buttons should go are a strict 'must go here' (kicker - you get to sew on your own buttons), there's no way I can button it up.

Basically, the bowler (dress uniform hat) and the black oxfords fit. Maybe the pair of drill boots. Whoopee.

Oh, and the PT (sports) gear. But that's kind of a given.

And did I MENTION the sports gear? There's two sets of it, plus 50 bajillion pairs of different socks (black socks, white socks, wool socks, sock liners), a scarf, a toque, a parka, a raincoat, and track pants for crying out loud, but none of the NCDs (officer working uniform). No shirts, no pants, no sea boots... nothing that's, you know, actually mildly IMPORTANT.

Did I mention I'm kinda ticked?