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Summer 2017 - Day 2/55
I Am Clever
Guess who's back; back again?

It's me, of course, and while I don't have a lot to share with you today, I wanted to keep you updates as to how I am working toward my goals this summer. :)

Today I cleaned off the coffee table downstairs and tidied up that whole general area, as well as collected some more dirty laundry to do with the remainder on Saturday when I spend my evening running the washer. My dad and couple of brothers came over and mowed/trimmed the front lawn, for which I am incredibly grateful. The house looks better already.

As for me personally: today marks the first day where I start trying to eat less, and drink more water (the full 8 cups, where possible). I have met both of these goals for today, and hope to continue this trend!

Next stop: tackling some boxes tomorrow. :)
Thanks for sticking with me!

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