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Summer 2017 - Day 1/55
So cool it hurts
Hey all - I'm back! So soon; I know.

Today I did something I did something I honestly didn't think was ever going to be a possibility; I dropped Tim off for a job at HMCS Quadra, and went back home to work a civilian job. Seems pretty surreal to me, to have our positions reversed.

So now, as the title shows, I have 55 days until Tim is back home at the end of the summer, and I plan on making the most of these days. Not in the sense of "WOO HOO TIM IS GONE LET'S PARTY", but moreso that I want to have a productive summer.

If all goes well, you'll get to follow along on hear to see the progress I make on my summer goals.

Long term goal 1: Clean the house
Long term goal 2: Get more active/lose 30lbs
Long term goal 3: Complete my creative writing projects

With those in mind, here's my first short term goal:

STG 1: Clean the master bedroom of all boxes/useless junk.
Status: in progress, started today.

See you all tomorrow!

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