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I Am Clever
I really need to shorten the time between the posts I make on here a lot of the time...*sighs; sounds like a broken record*

Anyway, we have a cadet band competition coming up! In 5 days, my corps will be competing against other sea and air cadets, and watching the army cadet pipe and drum bands (they're a category of their own).

On another note, my family will be leaving the evening of that day (pretty much right after the competition) on a 3.5 week road trip across the country to visit friends and family. Ought to be interesting...

AND, when I get back, I get to go for a road test for the next stage of my province's WONDERFUL *sarcasm* graduated licensing program - my "N", or "Novice" driver's license.

If I get that, then I can drive on my own (but only with one other passenger). :S And as soon as I get my N, the wonderful 2-year ticker starts counting down... (you have to have your N for a minimum of 2 years before you can get your full driver's license).


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