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[sticky post]Master Post - UNIT!100 Table
I Am Clever
Alright.  So, to kick this off, here's my table.  I want to actually have a posted table this time, so as to keep track of which stories I've done, as I'm not doing them in numerical order.

So, without further ado... my Big Dang Table!

001. Beginnings. 002. Middles. 003. Ends. 004. Insides. 005. Outsides.
006. Hours. 007. Days. 008. Weeks. 009. Months. 010. Years.
011. Red. 012. Orange. 013. Yellow. 014. Green. 015. Blue.
016. Purple. 017. Brown. 018. Black.
019. White. 020. Colourless.
021. Friends. 022. Enemies. 023. Lovers. 024. Family. 025. Strangers.
026. Teammates. 027. Parents. 028. Children.
029. Birth. 030. Death.
031. Sunrise. 032. Sunset. 033. Too Much. 034. Not Enough. 035. Sixth Sense.
036. Smell. 037. Sound. 038. Touch. 039. Taste. 040. Sight.
041. Shapes. 042. Triangle. 043. Square. 044. Circle. 045. Moon.
046. Star. 047. Heart. 048. Diamond. 049. Club. 050. Spade.
051. Water. 052. Fire. 053. Earth. 054. Air. 055. Spirit.
056. Breakfast. 057. Lunch. 058. Dinner. 059. Food. 060. Drink.
061. Winter. 062. Spring. 063. Summer. 064. Fall. 065. Passing.
066. Rain. 067. Snow. 068. Light(e)ning. 069. Thunder. 070. Storm.
071. Broken. 072. Fixed. 073. Light. 074. Dark. 075. Shade.
076. Who? 077. What? 078. Where? 079. When? 080. Why?
081. How? 082. If. 083. And. 084. He. 085. She.
086. Choices. 087. Life. 088. School. 089. Work. 090. Home.
091. Birthday. 092. Christmas. 093. Thanksgiving. 094. Independence. 095. New Year.
096. Writer’s Choice. (Topsy-Turvy) 097. Writer’s Choice. (Explain) 098. Writer’s Choice. (Betrayed) 099. Writer’s Choice. (Trust) 100. Writer’s Choice. (Jealous)

I'll be adding the links to the entries as I complete them here and there.

[Note: I have no idea if this shows up in peoples' f-lists properly, but I'm not entirely sure why it doesn't look right (ie: just looks like text with no table borders) on my journal.  I promise it's a table, though.]

Unrelated addendum
I Am Clever

Despite all the nastiness going on in my life lately, there's a bright point. I've been catching up on all the Doctor Who I haven't had a chance to watch yet (half of last season + 2 Christmas specials).

Bright point: KATE STEWART MADE A "FIVE ROUNDS RAPID" REFERENCE! I haven't been so amused since all the old references they made in the 50th anniversary special. :D

NaBloPoMo 2016 - Day Thirty
I Am Clever


...sort of. It still counts if it's still November, right?

(At least I feel less sick today. So that's something.)

NaBloPoMo 2016 - Day Twenty-Nine
I Am Clever

I came down with a bad cold/flu, and could not be more miserable. Today's day at work was awful. :(

NaBloPoMo 2016 - Day Twenty-Eight
I Am Clever

Tonight was Summer Training Night at cadets, so I had it pretty easy, which was nice. Thank goodness.

NaBloPoMo 2016 - Day Twenty-Seven
I Am Clever

Visited my parents today, and found out my mom had surgery to remove a cancerous skin tumour. Nothing like being the last to find out. :(

NaBloPoMo 2016 - Day Twenty-Six
I Am Clever

Almost at he end of the month! Also, my tutoring student surprisingly didn't show up today. That's weird.

NaBloPoMo 2016 - Day Twenty-Five
I Am Clever

Happy Novembermas, everyone! Only one month til Christmas! I've already started decorating; just need to finish cleaning the house.

NaBloPoMo 2016 - Day Twenty-Four
I Am Clever

Still pretty quiet today, except for one student who absolutely loves to talk to me about Pok�mon Go and catch Pok�mon for me. Super cute. :)

NaBloPoMo 2016 - Day Twenty-Three
I Am Clever

It's the calm before the storm - recital stuff is coming down the pipes soon, but not today. :D I'm enjoying it while it lasts.


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